Simplifying Credit Card Input for Online Payments

Simplifying Credit Card Input for Online Payments

Simplifying Credit Card Input for Online Payments

process of credit card data input can be a little daunting for many. Therefore, more and more companies are opting to simplify the process of credit card data input to give their users an optimal experience through automation.
Consumers usually enter their card details on the e-commerce site form and click the submit button to finish the payment process. However, web designers can make many changes to make this process simpler and easier for the users, resulting in more purchases.

Let’s discuss how companies can simplify the process of Credit Card data Input for Online Payments!

1. Equip Your Website with a Guided Procedure of Data Collection

Users are usually required to enter their card number, expiry date, security code, and full name to pay online. Designers can improve this data input process through a guided procedure in which the real data replaces the placeholders on a card as soon as the user starts typing their credit card number or providing information, that is, an automatic card detection based on card number appears on the screen. This can make the data input process much simpler and easier.

If you want your website to have this feature, contact RP AXIS. Our designers can simplify your website’s payment method to give your users the best payment online shopping experience!

2. Better: Credit Card Scanner

Many users leave the purchasing process halfway due to the long typing on the mobile phone. Companies can solve this issue through Credit Card Scanner to simplify typing credit card details for the users. All users need is to take a picture of their credit card from their mobile phone, and the website scans the card details from that picture.

3. Implement Apple and Google Pay Technologies on Your Website

Both iOS and Android users can benefit from the effortless paying process offered by Apple Pay and Google Pay. If you implement these technologies on your website, your users are no longer required to manually fill in their credit card information. They need to tap a single button, and they’re done!

Users’ credit card information is already there on their Apple Pay or Google Pay system. Web designers should support these Apple and Google’s digital wallet services by default and let their users free from the task of typing details manually.

If your users still have to fill in their credit card details on your web form every time they decide to make a purchase, it’s time you simplify the data input process on your website. Web designers at RP Axis design innovative web forms that minimize the chance of mistakes by your users, preventing errors and resulting in more purchases! Contact RP Axis, and get a user-friendly and customized web design for your business, simplifying the process of Credit Card data Input.