Custom Business CRM

Turn more Leads Close to Sales with Sales Pipeline Management!

RP AXIS offers you an easy-to-use sales pipeline to help you organize your sales, get more leads, and stay on top of everything until the deal is made. With a sales pipeline, you can manage leads and offers, track calls, emails and contact history, automate and grow through artificial intelligence, get insights and reports, and ensure privacy and security.


A Sales Pipeline management allows you to:

Visually represent your sales process, fully modular to suit the way you work. You can choose a ready-to-use template or customize it according to the different stages your deals go through.

Focus on sales actions or selling activities instead of focusing on the finish line. A phone call, lunch, email, or whatever your sakes pipeline will remind you of the next one.

Track the progress of your goals through your sales pipeline that manages your performance just like a mentor. By calculating your average conversion rate, the sales pipeline allows you to know how many new leads you need. You get real-time reports to let you know if you’re on the right track.

Optimize and grow through analytic tools infused in your sales pipeline. Automation takes care of your administrative tasks and saves you a lot of time. You just have to focus on targeting bigger goals.

Make Sales CRM as Part of Your Pipeline Strategy!

RP AXIS’ CRM allows you to get organized and activate powerful automations.

You can manage your customer relationship effectively by boosting the productivity of your teams, qualifying your leads and winning more customers through a CRM pipeline. Manage Your Prospects and Customers Efficiently with RP AXIS’ CRM!



Whatever your field of activity or the size of your company, RP Axis is a custom software development company, offering you the solution best suited to your needs. Our experts will design the custom CRM that best meets your requirements.

We offer custom business CRM software development to our clients with which they can manage their contacts, sales, the productivity of their employees and improve their commercial relations.

This business management solution allows you, through a centralized location, to benefit from a global view of your business activities, potential customers, suppliers, employees, and partners.


The keys to the success of your CRM project:

  • Make the CRM project a priority
  • Adapt the software to the customer journey
  • Set your budget
  • Choosing the right software development agency
  • Choose the right CRM
  • Define your return on investment
  • Guarantee the fluidity of processes
  • Guaranteed profitability
  • Better customer relationship

RP Axis has a team of expert consultants to help you with developing or upgrading your existing CRM software

Trust our experts for your CRM development project and benefit from personalized services, tailor-made software and support throughout your project.

CRM Functionality in Sales Software

The sales software we offer is packed with features that will become necessary in your everyday business. We have chosen to integrate CRM functionality into this software to simplify your management of incoming leads and customers while monitoring their journey within the company.

The CRM allows you to automate a good part of information retrieval (by linking it all with all of your forms) and directly classify the essential elements.

This will allow you to share a common tool with all your collaborators and to know, in an instant, the entire sales pipeline (in progress and completed) of your company.

Invoicing and Payments System Right in Your CRM!

Use RP AXIS’ CRM with your invoice and payments and makes your online payment system easier for your clients with a simple ‘Pay Now’ button. It allows managing all your payments and getting automatic reminders to make your payment process faster.

CRM Analytics Allows You to Look into Your Business

With an updated analytics dashboard, visualize traffic, data, or gain valuable insights of sales information and stats to make smart business decisions.

Automate your Emails Through Our Email Platform and CRM!

  • The automated and personalized nurture series saves time and stress and makes it easier to connect with your customers.
  • Boost your brand image with stunning, easy-to-use templates.
  • Trigger more sales by getting the right message to the right clients at the right time
  • Get real results- no more finger crossing! No more forecasts- get accurate reports through A/B testing and analytics give that give growth-driven insights.

RP AXIS’ CRM has more than a function of collecting and recording Internet user data.

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