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How to Make Money With Your Website?

An all-in-one Directory Website is the Solution!

Professional directory websites are valuable solutions for businesses that want a streamlined solution for efficiently managing their websites, members, online payments, and more. RP AXIS is at your disposal if you need an all-in-one personalized directory website.



RP AXIS offers affordable, all-in-one directory software, a solution to partner management, to optimize all aspects of a company’s website or member association. Our team provides complete, ready-to-use software with free and quick setup and unlimited and real-person support.

We offer web directories and optimal positioning for any company web directory. We develop a web design that helps you create your visual identity, generate traffic most profitably through our robust lead generation and SEO tools, and ensure secure and optimized hosting through our latest hosting technologies.

We offer a range of essential functions in a business or a company: website design, member management, online payment processing, contact management, Email marketing, online payment, Lead generation and SEO tools, and hosting and security services.


Web Design & Branding

We offer simple, all-in-one professional directory websites for new and existing businesses where design settings and uploading logos to showcase your brands are quick and easy. You can choose from a dozen professional directory themes and add your personal touch with personalized logos and other branding elements without mentioning RP AXIS and that in real-time. Our built-in custom search modules allow your website visitors to search members and content easily through keywords and other features, not to mention the custom main menu dropdowns and sidebar manager.

Member Management

Your RP AXIS directory website accepts members from the start through simple sign-up pages and professional member dashboards. You can quickly create different membership plans and import and manage new and existing members through dynamic member profile pages, a self-service member dashboard, and an intuitive management system.

Payment Processing Tools

Link your web directory to your favorite online payment gateway through the all-in-one payment processing tools we offer. It allows you to manage member subscriptions, transactions, and payments management.

Email Marketing Tools

Collect subscribers to your newsletter and send emails to your contact lists through your RP AXIS directory website. The simple, user-friendly design allows visitors to subscribe to your newsletters easily and makes scheduling campaigns easier.

Lead Generation and SEO Tools

Our services include everything a business needs to rank well in search engines. Our automated lead generation tools take very little time to generate leads for you – Leads are visitors who want to contact your members. And this is only possible through top ranking on search engines through the SEO tools we offer.

Hosting & Security

Our support is not limited to the completion of a project but continues long afterward. The success of a directory lies in its speed. Our latest hosting technologies and server management team offer optimized and secure hosting of your web directory, ensuring optimal speed.

Our multidisciplinary team supports and advises you on all aspects of your project and helps you create your visual identity.


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