Drug Testing Management Software Solutions


RP AXIS offers drug testing management Software solutions to businesses to allow you to separate your third-party administrator (TPA) operation from others and operate efficiently in a cost-effective way.

RP AXIS Online Drug Testing Management Software is a cutting-edge solution to streamline and enhance drug testing practices. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, RP AXIS offers numerous benefits for drug testing practices, improving efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

First and foremost, RP AXIS simplifies the entire drug testing process from start to finish. The software allows practitioners to create and manage drug testing orders electronically, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and reducing administrative burden. By automating these tasks, RP AXIS saves time and reduces the risk of errors commonly associated with manual data entry.


The software allows employers to order drug tests and receive results electronically from our web portal, manage drug testing programs, and group random testing pools. It can be a crucial aspect and production tool for the business of any TPA.

The right software makes you stand out and separates your TPA operation from others in the drug testing management sector, ultimately increasing your profits.

So, streamline your drug testing process and manage it more efficiently with our drug testing software services, custom-tailored to your needs.

You may want it with background check software integrated with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to access your candidates’ background check information through a single portal. This helps you streamline your drug testing process and maintain a holistic view of each candidate.


We offer a holistic and robust drug testing management system for employers, TPA, healthcare institutions, and background check companies. Our drug testing management software links our Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services to lab testing, electronic test scheduling, and delivery of automated results to designated employer representatives (DER).

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For operations to be efficient, change is necessary. We understand the need for an Avant-garde software platform combined with MRO services by the industry. Drug testing management software is an efficient electronic system that structures the drug testing process electronically, saving time and money. From ordering tests to receiving test results or emailing negative results to clients directly, you can do it all in one system.

Drug testing providers use different drug testing management software. But do they make the most of the system? With RP AXIS, get the complete software solution for drug testing management that automates your operations, saving you and your clients time and money.

We offer a combined software platform with MRO services that allows you to manage all aspects of your drug testing programs. Manage test scheduling to test completion and, finally, test results delivery through our robust software solution!

Our web-based software technology allied with i3screen offers a value-added program for drug screening management. Our experts are specialists in the field and use their extensive knowledge to benefit many TPAs, allowing them to automate and manage their drug screening software system fully.

  • Get a web-based drug reporting system with your company logo, where all the reports and results represent your logo
  • Make your drug screening system the fastest
  • Automate the system via email notifications to donors, reporting via fax, email, and web
  • Our solution allows integration with Quest, LabCorp, and CRL


Whether a large organization or small, our web-based drug testing management software is perfect for all. To make your drug screening operations efficient, our experts offer a cutting-edge web-based software platform that will automate all the processes involved in drug screening software, from test ordering to receiving test results, saving you time and money.

We have a solution for employers frustrated by inefficient drug screening management systems. Our software features advanced automation options and a pool management system, allowing you to decide on your program criteria testing schedules, determine the pool percentage that needs testing, and automate the entire random drug testing management process.


  • Increase efficiency in your processes
  • Expand access
  • Complete visibility
  • Automate a random program management system representing your company logo
  • Connect with e-screen collection network
  • Automate your entire drug testing program management
  • Collect non-dot instant testing (POCT) without paper
  • Use an electronic CCF on a laptop or tablet
  • Post negative results to the client within minutes
  • Run all your tests through one system only with real-time updates

One of the critical advantages of RP AXIS is its ability to facilitate seamless communication between stakeholders involved in drug testing. The software enables secure and real-time communication among employers, clinics, laboratories, and employees. This improves collaboration and ensures that all parties are well-informed and updated throughout the testing process.

RP AXIS also offers advanced scheduling and tracking features, allowing practitioners to efficiently manage and monitor drug testing appointments. The software provides a centralized calendar where practitioners can schedule tests, send automated reminders to employees, and track the status of each test in real-time. This feature ensures that appointments are not missed, reduces waiting times, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Accuracy is paramount in drug testing, and RP AXIS significantly reduces the risk of errors. The software integrates with laboratory systems, enabling seamless transmission of test results. By automating this process, RP AXIS eliminates manual data entry errors and ensures that accurate and reliable test results are delivered promptly. This feature enhances the credibility of the drug testing practice and helps maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Regarding compliance, RP AXIS is designed to meet the strictest regulatory standards in drug testing. The software provides built-in compliance checks, ensuring that all necessary information and documentation are collected and verified before proceeding with a drug test. This feature helps practitioners adhere to legal and industry-specific requirements, minimizing non-compliance risk and associated penalties.

Furthermore, RP AXIS offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities. The software generates comprehensive reports that provide valuable insights into drug testing trends, outcomes, and compliance metrics. These reports help practitioners identify areas of improvement, make data-driven decisions, and demonstrate the effectiveness of their drug testing practice to clients or regulatory bodies.

Another notable benefit of RP AXIS is its focus on security and confidentiality. The software employs advanced encryption protocols and data protection measures to safeguard sensitive information. This includes personal employee data, test results, and medical records. By ensuring data privacy and security, RP AXIS instills trust among stakeholders and protects the reputation of the drug testing practice.

Finally, RP AXIS offers scalability and flexibility, making it suitable for practices of all sizes. Whether a small clinic or a large-scale drug testing facility, the software can adapt to the specific needs and volume of tests. This scalability allows practitioners to grow their practice without worrying about outgrowing their drug management software.

In conclusion, RP AXIS Online Drug Testing Software Services provides a comprehensive solution that significantly benefits drug testing practices. From streamlining administrative tasks and improving communication to enhancing accuracy, compliance, and security, RP AXIS revolutionizes drug testing. By adopting, practitioners can optimize their operations, deliver high-quality services, and ultimately improve the overall experience for employers, employees, and other stakeholders involved in the drug testing process.

Random Drug Testing Management Solutions

Streamlining random testing programs is effortless with RP AXIS, our advanced system that encompasses stand-alone haphazard and consortium pool management. Third-party administrators (TPAs) and employer clients can easily upload, manually add, or delete employees within the system at any time before the selection process. Random selections can be automated and scheduled or manually initiated. Employers receive random testing selection notifications via secure fax or email. Additionally, alternate lists are available, and selecting additional tests can be accomplished within minutes.

The software platform handles random testing programs for DOT and non-DOT employers, providing a comprehensive and hassle-free administration process with instant compliance reports on demand. Users gain access to the customer pools module, enabling them to create, maintain, and process random pools. Upon accessing this module, users are presented with a list of state laws, alerts, and specific requirements, ensuring adherence to relevant regulations.

Do you require assistance with Random Drug Testing Software Services?

We can manage your random drug testing consortium or guide you in utilizing the system to manage the consortium independently. We offer comprehensive training resources, including manuals, video tutorials, and live training sessions tailored to your needs. With over 20 years of experience managing random DOT drug testing consortiums, our skilled team is well-equipped to provide top-notch support.

We facilitate random drug testing management solutions through a secure and user-friendly web-based application that fully complies with DOT and Drug-Free Workplace regulations for random drug and alcohol screening programs. Once clients determine their program criteria, random testing populations, testing schedules, and the required percentage of the pool to be tested, our system automates the entire process of managing the random drug testing consortium. Compliance reports for DOT auditors are generated instantly, ensuring peace of mind.

Employers seeking assistance with random consortium drug testing programs need not look further. The RP AXIS system offers advanced automation and ongoing pool management features, ensuring our customers’ continuous compliance. Our online managed random drug testing consortium is particularly beneficial for smaller employers as their employees can join a larger random drug testing consortium pool, fostering efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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