Auction Website Hosting: RP AXIS!

Auction Website Hosting: RP AXIS!

Auction Website Hosting: RP AXIS!

The most worrying factor for online auctioneers is that their site keeps running during an auction. It is imperative for the brand. For this, companies need website hosting services that ensure that the auction site is up, running, consistent and safe. Every minute of an online auction is crucial, and there’s always the risk of outages. Since online auction is associated with many challenges, brands need robust auction website hosting services to ensure that their site never loses connection, is always active and safe.

RP Axis offers a robust and efficient website hosting infrastructure for both bidders and auction site owners, so that their auction is monitored and protected in real time.

An auction website hosting service is like a monitoring service that keeps an auctioneer informed in real-time about each and every detail of the sales, strengthens your business strategy and protect your brand.

Protecting a brand on the Internet requires a lot of attention: counterfeiting is omnipresent, growing a little more every day, in particular by using sales channels such as auction sites. To help you take action against these practices, RP Axis offers Auction Website Hosting services specifically for your auction site.

Our team of experts develops a system that periodically sends you links to all the items related to your brands posted there. Our monitoring tools send you the details of each sale (seller, date of the end of the auction, etc.) to keep your website up during an auction and strengthen the protection of your brand. These alerts will make your site consistent and safe, and rest assured that your site never loses connection. So, do not hesitate to partner with RP Axis for your auction website hosting and be worry-free!

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Safe Monitoring Systems

RP Axis offers high-end monitoring and backup system that monitors the proper functioning of the entire auction, servers and services 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. It is comprised of redundant servers and routers, secure collocation cabinets and numerous internet backbone connections, all in a protected environment.

Reliable Network and Equipment

Our experts design an innovative, spacious and interactive space for you where you can meet almost all of your clients’ requests. Our reliable connections are equipped with quality equipment, handy systems and continuous backup systems.

Secure Infrastructure

Power outages are inevitable and our website hosting services are equipped with redundant power supplies and a backup generator that guarantees the safety of all the information.

Why RP Axis for Auction Website Hosting?

At RP Axis, our priority is offering a robust network to our clients.

  • Our storage system provides master storage with a redundant system that guarantees 100% availability on this storage.
  • The internal data center network and Internet connectivity are accessible all the time.
  • The infrastructure is fully scalable and offers you additional computing or storage capacities. This gives you access to an unlimited offer.

We offer a high availability hosting, scalable, depending on the size and success of your site. For more information and details, contact!