Choosing the Right Software for Drug Test Management

Choosing the Right Software for Drug Test Management

Choosing the Right Software for Drug Test Management

Drug tests are a vital aspect of monitoring employee health, safety, and compliance. A drug test administered to an employee can help to identify the consumption of illegal or unauthorized prescription drugs. However, testing the specimens of a large pool of employees and processing their results can be a time-consuming affair. That is why a software development company can help you out manage this entire process. Are you wondering how that is possible? Let’s take a look at the basics of drug testing management to understand.

Why do You Need a Drug Testing System?

Drug testing systems can benefit employers in multiple ways. Such tests can be conducted via third-party administrators (TPAs), background check services, and healthcare providers. The main benefits of setting up a drug testing system are:

  • Early Intervention: Drug tests can help to identify issues of addiction and abuse. The early detection of such problems can facilitate rapid intervention to help the affected employee recover.
  • Reducing Risks of Accidents and Injuries: Regular drug tests can keep illicit consumption under check. This factor can help reduce the risks of untoward accidents that can occur under the influence of drugs.
  • Managing Performance: Some employees can fail to reach their full performance potential when they are under the influence of drugs. Drug testing can help to identify and address such issues promptly.
  • Reducing Liability: The employer’s liability for employee health and safety can be managed by a comprehensive drug-testing system. Credible and timely reports can help to cut potential costs the company might have to bear due to the effects of drug abuse. 

Which Factors are Essential in a Drug Testing System?

If you are sourcing a drug testing management software, you need to look for the following factors:

  • Holistic Visibility and Real-Time Updates: The software solution must offer a complete picture of the drug testing processes. Real-time updates must also be available. These aspects will promote greater efficiency and save time.
  • Electronic CCF Integration with Laptops and Tablets: The software solution must provide the capability to run electronic CCF on devices like laptops and tablets. An e-CCF is an electronic system to manage and complete the Custody and Control Form for drug test management.
  • Web-Based Automation: The app developer you choose should supply a web-based solution that ensures easy automation. An automated process flow can help streamline each stage: from ordering the test to receiving results.
  • Paperless Non-Dot Instant Testing (POCT): The software solution must include the capability for conducting a non-dot on-site screening with quick results. This aspect can save time and identify the workers’ readiness for coming back to work.
  • Pool Management System: Large-scale employers also need a pool management system while selecting their drug testing software. This system can help to establish testing criteria, the percentage of the pool that requires testing, and the scheduling system that needs to be followed. 

Now that you know about all the key factors, you should reach out to an expert developer for drug testing management solutions today!