Log-in Problems and Their Solutions

Log-in Problems and Their Solutions

Log-in Problems and Their Solutions

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With the increase in the use of e-commerce, many consumers log in to different sites or apps daily. If you already have an account on a site, you’d log in automatically. However, if you’re doing it for the first time or something wrong happens, you’re faced with the ‘forget your password’ or ‘log-in from multiple accounts’ options. Despite significant advancements, many users face these issues and end up registering multiple times on the same site or leave without any purchase! Therefore, log-in problems are a big deal for companies, and they need to come up with new innovative designs and solutions to offer their consumers the best experience.

Following are some of the areas companies need to focus on to solve log-in problems:

Users Need to Know What’s Wrong

One of the most frequent issues is the wrong combination of the username and password. Users try it multiple times and end up quitting without any purchase. Instead of generic responses, users look for meaningful information when facing this issue. It is not enough to tell them ‘one of the two fields is wrong.’ A site interface should be designed to explain to users what isn’t matching, so they don’t have to figure it out.

RP Axis has the right solution for its clients. Our expert team alleviates this username password issue to let your users know which field is wrong and offer them the right link to fix it. The system must send the reset password link to the registered email address automatically and immediately. The link should open a log-in form that helps user reset their password.

However, this technique has its setbacks. Sometimes interfaces are made less convenient intentionally due to confidentiality issues to prevent a third-party application from knowing about the users’ information. A good example of this is online banking, where users are more concerned about their privacy and security. However, it’s up to the user to use such a service. Your job is to provide your users an option to figure out the log-in problem quickly.

Reminder for Changed Password

Users often forget that they changed the password and mistakenly keep trying with the old one. They realize the issue after many attempts. There must be a reminder about the changed password that tells the user exactly when they changed it, such as ‘Your password was changed 10 days ago”. Such a display message saves time and also helps users remember the new one!

Problems with Multiple Log-In Options

Many sites display the option of logging in through multiple channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+; however, users are often reluctant to log in because they don’t remember which service they used to sign up. Doing this sometimes results in signing in through the wrong channel, and the user creates a second account.

The best solution for this issue is to keep users logged in. Some interactive sites or apps have this feature that keeps the users sign in until they explicitly sign out. To get a one-click log-in page to offer your users the best experience, contact RP Axis!

However, this feature doesn’t work if the user logs in from a different browser. Users using the same browser can benefit from it.


The log-in problems as their solution discussed above should not be generalized. Instead, companies need to design error-free interactive websites for the best user experience. For more information about the solutions for log-in issues, contact RP Axis!