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Drug Testing Management Software

Drug Testing Management Software

RP AXIS offers drug testing management solutions to businesses to allow you to separate your third-party administrator (TPA) operation from others and operate efficiently in a cost-effective way.

Who Uses Drug Testing Management Software?

The software allows employers to order drug tests and receive drug test results electronically from our web portal and manage drug testing programs and group random testing pools. It can be a crucial aspect and production tool for the business of any TPA.

Having the right software is what makes you stand out and separate your TPA operation from others in the drug testing management sector, ultimately increasing your profits.

Our Comprehensive Reseller Program for Sellers of Drug Testing

We offer a holistic and robust drug testing management system for employers, TPA, health care institutions and background check companies. Our drug testing management software links our Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services to lab testing, electronic test scheduling and delivery of automated results to designated employer representatives (DER).

To learn more about our Reseller Program, contact us!


We offer a combined software platform with MRO services that allows you to manage all aspects of your drug testing programs. Manage test scheduling to test completion and finally test results delivery through our robust software solution!

Our web-based software technology allied with i3screen offers a value-added program for drug screening management. Our experts are specialists in the field and use their extensive knowledge to the benefit of many TPAs allowing them to fully automate and manage their drug screening system.

  • Get a web-based drug reporting system with your company logo, where all the reports and results represent your logo
  • Make your drug screening system the fastest
  • Automate the system via e-mail notifications to donors, reporting via fax, e-mail, and web
  • Our solution allows integration with Quest, LabCorp, and CRL

RP AXIS’ Drug Testing Management Software

Whether a large organization or small, our web-based drug testing management software is perfect for all. To make your drug screening operations efficient, our experts offer cutting edge web-based software platform that will automate all the processes involved in drug screening, from test ordering to the receiving of test results, saving your time and money.

We have solution for employers frustrated with their inefficient drug screening management systems. Our software features advanced automation options and pool management system, allowing you to decide on your program criteria, testing schedules, determining pool percentage that needs to be tested, and automating the entire random drug testing management process.

Our Drug Testing Management Software Allows You to

  • Increase efficiency in your processes
  • Expand access
  • Complete visibility
  • Automate random program management system representing your company logo
  • Connect with e-screen collection network
  • Automate your entire drug testing programs management
  • Collect non-dot instant testing (POCT) without paper
  • Use an electronic CCF on a laptop or tablet
  • Post negative results to the client within minutes
  • Run all your tests through one system only with real-time updates

For more information on the drug testing management software, call us at 844 932 7568 or email us at RP@RPAXIS.COM!