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Zend PHP Development by RP AXIS

Backend Programming Services | April 24th, 2018 | Zend PHP Development

While there are many compelling reasons to use Zend PHP development, many Long Island web design companies don’t offer it as a service to their clients. The most probable reasons for this is that a lot of web design agencies simply don’t realize how effective and useful Zend PHP really is. We think that’s a shame!

Zend PHP can be extraordinarily useful for constructing websites and web applications. Here’s a brief overview of some of the benefits of Zend PHP development and why our web design agency offers it to our clients.


Zend PHP development is object-oriented. What this means is simply that, in Zend PHP code, everything is treated as an object. This allows for highly reusable code, which clarifies the development and cuts down on the amount of time spent writing code.

If you want an efficient framework for your PHP web development, Zend will certainly get the job done!


Zend PHP is really the master of the “just the basics” approach. Rather than bogging down the developer and client with complicated, unnecessary, and superficial features, Zend just gives you the basic tools you will need to build a website.

If one of the things you’re concerned about with building your website and web applications is complexity, then Zend definitely might be the right fit for you! That’s exactly one of the reasons that our web design company offers it as a service to our clients.


Zend, by its very nature, allows you to do many things with you website. From authenticating users to controlling access to you resources and creating forms, Zend allows you to do it in a simple and easy manner.

The sheer power of Zend PHP development is often all it takes to convince developers or clients that they should be using it for their web development purposes.


Zend PHP offers a great deal of flexibility for those trying to build a website. This flexibility can be divided into two rough categories: Choosing your own model implementation and integrating with any libraries you want.

The first category is very useful for those who don’t want to have to be pigeonholed into a default implementation model. Zend lets you choose or integrate whatever model you want! Whether this is because you have your own model system worked out or because you want to mix and match different components, this can be very useful.

The second category is aimed at people who might want to integrate several different libraries into their website. Zend PHP development allows for very easy coupling and decoupling between different libraries, which is also efficient for those who want to test out different libraries.


Finally, there’s the community. Zend has a massive and large online community that will give you the help and support you might need to manage any problems you run into with the framework. Additionally, there is extensive documentation as a result of this community which will aid you in devising solutions along the way!