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Web Design Services | May 8th, 2018 | Responsive Web Design

Understanding Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design allows a site’s content and functionality to remain the same across multiple platforms. A site that has this functionality will recognize the device being used and adapt accordingly. For example, when a person switches from an iPad to a laptop, the user should see the exact same website. Essentially, the site should "respond" to the user's behavior. It looks at the environment such as a platform, the screen size being used, and the orientation of the device being used to view the website. For this to happen seamlessly, the site should have the capacity to adjust image size, resolution and functionality to the platform being used. You'll want to use flexible layouts, grids, images, and make proper use of the programming language used to create websites.

The Value of Responsive Design

If you don't have a responsive design, you can lose customers and clients. If someone can't view your site on their preferred device, they're going to get frustrated and go elsewhere. With almost 50% of web traffic occurring via mobile devices, responsive web design is essential in today’s market.

A successful website adjusts to the needs of the user. A competitive website will anticipate the needs of the user so your business stays ahead of the game. At RP AXIS, we're always thinking ahead so that our customers don't have to. We merge our decades of experience with our curiosity and creativity to create innovative solutions .

The Personal Touch

At RP AXIS, we don't believe in settling. We're a home-grown business based on Long Island and know that anything's possible. We've got decades of software and project management experience behind us but that's not enough to elevate your vision to the next level. What helps RP AXIS do that is our relentless commitment and our personal approach to making your ideas come to life. It's that New York state of mind that propels us to transform can't into can and impossible into amazing. Once we take on a project, we're committed to achieving your goals and helping you grow your business. We're not just preparing your website for today but ensuring it grows with you. That means transparent communication so you're always in the loop, constant refinement of our products so that your site is always operating at optimal levels and up-to-the minute monitoring so that you stay ahead of the competition. For more information on we can assist with your website needs, give us a call at (516) 322-0423.