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Responsive web development

Do you require a website that is compatible with millions of smart phone browsers? OR do you want your present website available in iPhone, Android Phones and Tablets.

At RP Axis, we have the apt expertise to provide Responsive Web Design services.. With the world going mobile, it has become a necessity to have your website responsive to not just desktop web browsers but also to Smartphone mobile browsers, tablets and even large screen televisions.

RP Axis is your one-stop-shop for all your web needs. Our responsive web design professionals provide several CSS and jQuery frameworks as mentioned below. This supports responsive fluid themes and makes your website compatible with any screen size and resolution.

Tools and frameworks :
  • Zurb’s Foundation 3 is the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world. Using its powerful CSS preprocessor, we develop foundation in a quick manner. We also use Foundation 3 tools to customize and build on top of this foundation.
  • Semantic Grid System provides a responsive page layout design for your website. Switching between pixels and percentages this system allows website compatibility with any device.
  • Sequence jQuery slider plugin provides our experts the complete control to build unique and creative website sliders.
  • Response js is a framework that allows us to build performance-optimized, mobile-first responsive websites.

We do not stop with the above list; we keep updating ourselves with latest technologies that make your site available with the latest smart phones and tablets.

Apart from other third party open source plugins and add-ons with jQuery and JavaScript, we also use Responsive Grid System that makes your site dynamic. For responsive image sliders, we use Isotope, Panoramica for fully fluid sliders, and Responsive CSS3 slider without JavaScript.

With all these innovative frameworks, we provide Responsive Web Design  that delivers effective solutions at affordable prices. We not only implement these frameworks, but also test them with real-time devices rather than just using the simulators. This testing is done on various smartphones and tablets from iPod Touch to Windows surface Tablets, so you can outsource Responsive Web Design to RP Axis and stay assured of the quality of the service provided.