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eCommerce Solutions

In this eBusiness arena, our  eCommerce development center can develop a complete tailor made eCommerce application on your existing site or in a new site with any and all options that you wish to include. The application can be developed with a complete and secure payment solutions to help your customers who buy your products or services to pay instantly.

Below is a hint of some of eCommerce solutions that we can offer:

  • Complete dynamic catalogue of products.
  • Search for products to locate any product easily.
  • Product categorization or classification ( Multiple levels).
  • Product promotion with Product of the day, week and top selling.
  • Both thumbnail and full image display of products.
  • Sale price and discounted price display.
  • Complete product description.
  • "What's new?" "What's hot?" item.
  • Recommended products.
  • Customer login and wish list.
  • Up selling and cross selling products.
  • Customer registration and Login areas.
  • Customer wishes.
  • Customer comments and ratings on any products.
  • Shopping cart/basket, view cart, delete from cart.
  • Shipping options with online shipping/postage calculation.
  • Integration with stock - Product availability status display.
  • Merchant A/C setup or Paypal® integration.
  • Real time payment gateway with Verisign® or Authorizenet®.
  • Credit card/e-Wallet/e-Checks processing.
  • Discount coupons.
  • Admin functions to manage the front end of the site.
  • Admin section to view Sales and other reports.
  • SMS order Alerts, SMA Information Alerts, SMS Sales alerts etc.,

The items above will cover almost all ECommerce functions. If you have any specific needs or models we, can also develop that for you.

We develop in any technology which you prefer or which fits your budget and needs.