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At RP AXIS we have a 20 year track record of developing the right websites for our clients' needs, whether that's a full ecommerce site, a web app, or a custom content management system.

All our websites, big or small and whatever the budget are carefully handcrafted using the most advanced technologies that work on all devices, from mobile phones to desktop.

With every website we also provide an easy to use, but immensely powerful, custom CMS that requires a minimal amount of training.

Benefits of a Custom CMS built by RP AXIS?

  • Ownership
    Our customers own everything they pay us to develop. These custom solutions are valuable assets to any company. An off-the-shelf CMS (Wordpress, Drupal) turn out to be liabilities.
  • Longevity of a Custom CMS
    Custom CMS Solutions we have deployed for our clients have lasted years without system updates.
  • Scalability
    All of our CMS solutions have grown to meet the traffic demands of the website.
  • Customization
    Content management systems developed around the work flow of your business

What is a Content management system (CMS)?

A system that helps you to simplify managing Website content by allowing our clients to publish content without demanding technical knowledge of HTML, FTP or Web page authoring tools.

RP AXIS's main service has been custom cms development. We enable our clients to maintain and update theyre own websites by providing simple interfaces with powerful features to make their web presence dynamic. RP AXIS has over 17 years of PHP development & Web Design experience, developing custom content management systems.

Our web application team provides a interface based on your requirements using PHP & responsive web design. We use globally accepted standards such as HMTL5, JavaScript/Ajax based Editors, Design-content Separation with templates, user management and Search engine optimization (URL rewriting etc).

Got Custom CMS Project? Let's get to Work

PHP based CMS development:

We provide a wide range of custom content management solutions. RP AXIS can build templates, Install the CMS application, customize features & develop custom modules, make the CMS driven sites SEO friendly, provide multi lingual support, integrate designs and maintain the architecture with necessary updates and version upgrades. We mainly focus on core PHP development. By allowing RP AXIS to develop a custom CMS solution, companies are not limited to off-the-shelf software like Wordpress.

Advantages of a Custom CMS?

Security is a huge concern with off-the-shelf programs like Wordpress. For years, hackers have been able to take control of sites by injecting code through automated scripts. While the most common reason is to send out spam using your web server, this can have a disastrous impact on the functionality of your site. At RP AXIS, all of our clients are protected through cutting edge technology with full administrator control.

In fact, control is the key reason our clients decide to go with a custom content management system. The CMS is built to how you operate, not the other way around. That means no limitations in design or function. You are only bound to the skill level and experience of your development team. With over 5,000 custom content management systems under our belt, you can rest assured that the sky’s the limit with RP AXIS.

Your sense of security with an RP AXIS website also comes from the fact that you own it! Everything our clients pay us to develop for them is 100% owned by our clients.

We develop custom content management systems that power your employees to run your business. No more middle man, no more frustration with limited functionality prone to problems. If you’re looking to elevate your company’s bottom line, a custom CMS is definitely the way to go.

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