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Content Management Systems

What is a  Content management system (CMS)?

A system that helps you to simplify managing Website content by allowing our clients to publish content without demanding technical knowledge of HTML, FTP or Web page authoring tools.

RP AXIS's main service has been custom cms development. We enable our clients to maintain and update theyre own websites by providing simple interfaces with powerful features to make their web presence dynamic. RP AXIS has over 17 years of experience in developing both custom and Open source based content management systems.

Custom CMS:

Our web application  team provides a interface based on your requirements using  PHP & responsive web design.  We use globally accepted standards such as HMTL5, JavaScript/Ajax based Editors, Design-content Separation with templates, user management and Search engine optimization (URL rewriting etc).

Open source based CMS:

We provide a wide range of Open source based applications. Our web development team can build templates, Install the CMS application, customize features & develop custom modules (Plug-ins), make the CMS driven sites SEO friendly, provide multi lingual support, integrate designs and maintain the architecture with necessary updates and version upgrades. We mainly focus on core PHP development.