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RP AXIS is a full-service custom software development company focused on helping business’s of all sizes build scalable and secure software systems.

RP AXIS: Integrate Amazon Seller Central with Your Business System Through Our Cloud-based Solution

If you are looking for a flexible, highly scalable and secure platform to sell your products on Amazon, contact us!

To increase your online exposure, boost sales and attracting new customers, you need to sell your products on Amazon. Our e-commerce cloud computing solution is for small and large businesses to integrate their business system with Amazon Seller Central.

Selling on Amazon requires every business to manage Amazon orders and keep inventory in sync. The process of moving data of orders ad inventories between your business system and your Amazon Seller Central account had been carried out manually. To integrate your business system seamlessly with the Amazon Seller Central, you need an eCommerce Platform. It allows you to manage all your operations and order records and track inventory easily and accurately through automation, saving a lot of manual effort. It also reduces errors that usually happen syncing products and tracking numbers manually.

Sellers can connect to the Amazon Seller Central website to monitor their sales activity on Amazon, manage inventory, update prices, communicate with buyers and add new products.

The ubiquitous Amazon marketplace is no exception and promotes EDI (electronic data interchange) among all its sellers as a communications solution with their Information Systems. Amazon, more than others, favors EDI with its suppliers and sellers and offers a set of services and assistance to its suppliers and sellers to implement EDI in the MarketPlace.

Integrate Your Business System with Your Amazon Seller Central Account

With our Cloud-based platform, maximize your growth potential and minimize your spending. It allows:

  • All your orders made by Amazon buyers to flow into your RP AXIS Order Management System (OMS)
  • Every time you update information about your products, orders or inventory on your eCommerce platform, your Amazon Seller Central account is automatically updated.
  • It saves the time spent on processing orders and updating them on Amazon.
  • Our platform works with Amazon U.S. or Amazon Canada Seller Central accounts.

Now connect and manage with Amazon in an integrated way with the ERP’s management systems with RP AXIS. The main features of our cloud-based solution include integration tools for inventory control, customer relationship management, and payment processing, all under one platform.

Integrate with Amazon with Our Cloud-based Solution!

Integration with Amazon is the process of sending all data regarding products, prices, stocks to Amazon. Likewise, it makes it possible to receive all information relating to orders, customers, shipping and invoicing. A single cloud-based platform allows you to perform all these activities automatically in real-time.

With a cloud-based platform, businesses can:

  • Improve customer service by quickly delivering the products ordered,
  • Eliminate errors,
  • reduce sales management costs,
  • Streamline the flow between sales management and Amazon,
  • Avoid errors in the data and information transmitted with Amazon.

Our cloud-based platform will allow synchronization as close as possible to real-time between Amazon and the sales management of the seller on Amazon.