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Marketplace Software - Build Your Marketplace

RP AXIS—Your MarketPlace Builder

Build your marketplace with RP AXIS to simplify B2B and B2C orders and improve the shopping experience for professionals.
If you are about to start your own marketplace and want to know the best options available to you, then you've come to the right place. Contact RP AXIS, and create your custom marketplace!

Why Create Your Marketplace with RP AXIS?

We provide an ALL-IN-ONE, intuitive and easy-to-use solution for the rapid deployment of your marketplace.

A marketplace makes it possible to meet the needs of informed buyers looking for a more fluid experience. It is not limited to e-commerce, but it is a real digitization tool that applies to all forms of B2C and B2B multi-user projects.

RP AXIS offers you an all-in-one solution to easily build your marketplace with the click of a button, without developers and start up costs!

Set up your marketplace in minutes!

Our team of experts develop easy-to-use software which you can set up your marketplace in minutes

Get Marketplace Tailored to Your Needs!

Our team chooses among our hundreds of add-ons to make your marketplace custom tailor to your specific needs.

No Developers Needed!

You can set up your marketplace with just the click of a button. Your do not need developers as we already put the framework in place. You share the industry knowledge, we made the content.

A marketplace is an online platform that connects sellers with their buyers. The purpose is to concentrate many offers, to offer a wide choice to its customers, making them more inclined towards your marketplace than a classic e-commerce site. You have the right to choose the solution you’re looking for in your marketplace.

But, if you are still hesitating, below are the reasons to develop your marketplace on your own.

  • It gives a unique experience to buyers and sellers, differentiating you from the competitors
  • It comes without any functional limit or constraint imposed by a turnkey solution;
  • You can optimize your marketplace according to your specific business needs;
  • It internalizes your value chain allowing your company to be valued more strongly.

We offer Different Marketplace Styles—Product, Services, Rentals or a Mix!

Regardless of the nature of your business or the concept it involves, whether you sell product or services or involve rentals or a mix of these, create a fully functional website. By creating your marketplace, you can have full control of the buying and selling activities occurring, scaling quickly and efficiently.

Beautifully Displayed Online Business Card!

Create an attractive online profile, displaying all your products, rentals or services that users want to see. Make a marketplace that allows users to gather reviews, get answers to all their questions, and see the past transactions.

RP AXIS stands out in the marketplace solutions by offering tools dedicated to independent service providers. So, if you’ve made your mind to create a single marketplace, contact RP AXIS and let’s build your unique marketplace together!