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Estate Sale Software—RP Axis

RP Axis offers a comprehensive Estate Sales Software that organizes and automates the intricate details of your estate sales tasks such as inventory management, sales management and sales wrap up easier, saving you time and money. 

Our Estate Sales Management Software is designed carefully by our experts to simplify sale, purchase, inventory management, etc., making it a magic wand for all professionals in the estate sales sector.

The estate sales business is booming, and we are committed to providing valuable solutions to the estate sales businesses.

So, give your clients what they want: the best experience and the confidence!

Features of our Estate Sales Management Software

Point of Sale

We offer integrated payment processing for giving you the best point of sale options. You can take payment in cash, check, or credit card seamlessly. You can manage your sales through automated discounting and negotiation through the line item and total ticket discounts.
RP Axis' Estate Sales Software offers you custom-built point of sales with multi-tiered discounting, print or email receipts, and Merging multiple estate sales into one for selling many products with a comprehensive management system meeting all your needs.

We Offer Quick Print Labels Option

Print barcoded price tags rapidly using the quick label print option we offer. This is a speedy process that saves you considerable time, which you can allocate to customer service.
Make your sales easier with our photographic inventory management system!

Inventory Management

One of the most challenging tasks in the estate sale business is inventory management. RP Axis offers you practical inventory management systems and tools that simplify your inventory process.

• Forget your paper inventory and work smarter and more organized, saving time.
• Scan the barcode and make the text search simpler through our inventory management tools.
• Compliment your work with professional reporting and simplified bookkeeping to deliver better results to your clients.

Automate Your inventory and listing process through RP Axis

Our automation tools allow you to simplify your inventory listing process: take a picture, and print your pricing label on it. Secondly, the automatic email templates are sent to your clients about the setup and sale hours, so you don't have to worry about communicating with your clients anymore.

Suggestive Pricing

RP Axis also helps you with your doubts about listing and valuing items in your sales with our suggestive pricing tool.

Discount Automation

Calculating discounts is not your job anymore. Our Point of Sale will do that for you! Set up your standard discounts with our discount automation tools by simply applying them during setup.

Sales Analytics Management

Track and report all your business analytics making them accessible to your clients and manage your business more easily and simply through RP Axis. Get to know the best profit margins through categories and neighborhoods for your business.


RP Axis makes reporting simple and professional, saving you time and effort. Share all the sale data through reports, such as the information about the sold items, revenue, tax collected, among others, and win your customers' confidence.

Multi-Location Management

Our multi-location management dashboard allows you to set up, manage, and run more than one estate sale event simultaneously, giving you visibility and oversight so that you can monitor your multiple sale performances from a single location.

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