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Mobile Application Development

Organizations are looking at Enterprise Mobility as a feasible option to enhance their efficiency, reduce costs, and give customers a sound mobile experience.Every mobile device including the iPhone, Android and Blackberry has its unique set of features.

So, if you are looking to transform your business ideas into a stunning mobile app, then check out our  Mobile application development services. Our mobile development services deliver the technical finesse that is required to meet your business and consumer needs. In short, we help put mobile technology right into your pocket.

iOS Application development

With vast knowledge and expertise in developing stunning apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod our Mobile application development team delivers efficient output in every phase of design, development, testing and promotion.

Our iOSapp development techniques involve:

  • Application conceptualization
  • Designing apps that suits the target user’s convenience
  • Meeting target users’ interest with stunning mobile apps and features
  • Developing apps that match the iOS interface guidelines
  • Testing, launching and marketing in various iTunes stores

We develop apps using the most powerful iOS elements such as GPS, Open GL Graphics, Location based frameworks, Imaging Frameworks, Facebook and Twitter integration and API integration. At the end of it, we will test the apps’ efficiency on the iPhones, iPod, and iPad. 

 Android Application development

 Ranging from gaming to complex business software development, we offer a wide range of Android app services. We provide custom based solutions for all prominent mobile phones features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, touch screen and 3G.  Besides developing the Android App, we also test its efficiency using a simulator only after which it will be ported to mobile devices. 

 Windows Mobile application development

Our mobile development services incorporates the latest Microsoft technologies including Microsoft .NET to ensure that you expand your mobile user base by making your services available to Windows-powered mobile devices. We provide Windows mobile application development on a range of platforms and databases such as Windows Mobile (5.0), Windows Mobile (6.0), Windows CE, MS SQL Server CE and .Net Compact Framework. What’s more, our in-house experts use the up-to-date development tools such as MS Visual Studio .NET, MS Embedded Visual Studio, Mobile VB, and ActiveSync. Our  mobile development team embarks an array of ingenious development strategies. We perform a rigorous testing process to ensure that the apps are fully tested and good to go before they are delivered. In the end, you get robust apps that are easy to update for future enhancements.