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Long Island Web Design

Optimize Your Online Presence

When a new visitor arrives on your website, you have mere seconds to demonstrate the value and relevance of your business.

If your home page can deliver an intuitive and visually engaging experience to these prospects then you have a good chance of retaining their attention.

Fail to do so, and you have lost yet another potential customer to your competitors.

The question is do you have the tools to succeed in this ultra-competitive digital marketplace?

As a Long Island Web Design agency, we work with clients at every scale across a wide variety of industry to build and deploy custom websites that are exciting to look at, easy to use, and meticulously crafted to reflect the USPs that set your brand apart.

How We Work

Our website design and development services follow a detailed working process that is closely aligned with each client’s specific needs and expectation.

  • During the planning stage, we work to understand your needs and expectations. Define the scope of the project including:
  • The number of pages required
  • The technology that needs to be integrated
  • The types of services offered
  • The website’s content.
  • Based on these inputs we will develop a wireframe of your website that shows how key elements will be structured and coordinated for maximum efficiency.
  • Next, we incorporate key elements of your branding including colors schemes, font, original graphics, media, and logos.
  • Finally, our web development team will work to bring together backend technology, frontend components, and other elements to create an elegant finished product that delivers on your objectives.
  • Before launch, we ensure that websites are tested for functionality, security, and ability to deal with sudden spikes in traffic.  

Other Long Island Web Design Services

Search Engine Optimization

  • If you're struggling to attract relevant traffic to your website, we can help.
  • Our digital marketing team is up to date on the latest SEO trends and search engine algorithms, and their analytics tools to allow them to conduct market research on your main competitors and target audience.
  • Once we've developed a profile of what your operating environment we can develop keyword and link-building strategies that will draw consistent leads to your digital storefront.

Designing for Mobile Devices

  • Our Long Island web design team utilize mobile responsive design principles to ensure that your website looks and functions equally well across any device.
  • Whether users are logging into your online storefront on their laptops, tablets or smartphones,they can be assured of a fast and visually pleasing user experience that translates seamlessly across every platform.

WordPress Expertise

  • Our web developers have carried out countless WordPress projects from planning and configuration, to launch. We bring a broad range of expertise in PHP, as well as WordPress core, libraries and themes to each project.
  • WordPress themes are mobile responsive, user-friendly, and highly secure. They're also easy to maintain and fully flexible. So it's a cinch to add your own photos, videos, or text. You can even add plugins to increase your site's functionality.