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LAMP Development by RP AXIS

Backend Programming Services | April 25th, 2018 | LAMP Development

What is LAMP?
lamp is actually an acronym which refers to Linux, Apache, as well as MySQL and PHP. Here's what you need to know about these different types of software.

This is one of the most popular operating systems in the entire world. It's one of the leading competitors to the Windows operating system and many people are turning to the use of Linux  as it has a lot of advantages when used online to develop web applications, blogs, and other online content.

This is a web server. Apache is one of the most common web servers used online. and this is why it's a part of the LAMP acronym. Most web providers will provide Apache as part of their content.

Whenever you have a website or a blog, you usually have some sort of database, these databases are found in popular applications such as WordPress and MySQL is the most common database program used today. This is why it's a part of LAMP

One of the most common server-side scripting languages that people are using is called PHP.  this is an extremely popular programming language and it has a lot of robust features, so it's also included in LAMP.

These technologies all work separately but they do have one thing in common. All of these programs and Technologies are free for people to download and use to create websites, web applications and other content. It can be quite difficult for a business to get off of the ground online because it can be quite expensive if you use other Technologies. The applications and technologies mentioned above are free, so you have far less overhead. Here at RP Axis We can help you use this technology in the best way for your company. Each of these Technologies has advantages that you can use for your business.

Why Use LAMP?
The main reason that you should implement LAMP Is that you don't have to pay large licensing fees that you do with other applications. For example, users that make use of Microsoft NET application have to pay a big fee to use this program. This isn't practical for many small businesses that are just getting started so they often use LAMP programs to get things done.  The big advantage to it is that you don't have those fees to pay which can be a real burden on a new business.

If you're interested in LAMP development for your website or business, RP AXIS is a web development company located in New York  that can help bring your vision to life. Please call us at 1844 932 7568 or info@rpaxis.com