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The Smartest Invoice

The Smartest Invoice You’ll Ever Send

Invoice in 20 seconds or less. RPAXIS automatically creates invoices based on your projects and contracts, alerts you of their payment and more

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Invoice in 20 sec or less

An invoicing flow that let’s you send an invoice in seconds.

Auto-magically created

Have invoices created automatically for you based on your contracts and projects. No need to lift a finger (other than the click to actually send it)

Accept payments

Easy and secure payments directly embedded into your invoicing. Start accepting Credit Cards, ACH & PayPal payments.

Payment reminders

RPAXIS tells you if a client is late and reminds them of their duty of payment.

Know when they viewed the invoice

RPAXIS alerts you when your client has viewed your invoice.

Bill your expenses

Simply check a box and boom! Your expenses are sent straight through to the client on your next invoice.


And so much more …

Integrates with Time Tracking

Track your time with RPAXIS and have your invoices created automatically. No need to ever lift a finger, other than to click that one button.

Payment alerts

Connect your bank account and get alerted when your invoices are getting paid.

Create recurring invoices

Working on a weekly or monthly gig? Simply create recurring invoices.

Invoice in your currency

Simply set your own currency and write the proper invoice.

Attach any files to your invoices

Have any other documents your clients need from you with the invoice? Just attach them.

Apply discounts

Add percentage or fixed discounts to your invoices.

Invoice in milestones

Set milestones for every project, get alerts when they’re reached and have the invoice prepared automatically.


Smart, connected workflow

In RPAXIS, every feature talks to the next. Saving you time and money.

Send Proposal
Create Project
Manage Tasks
Send Invoice
Get Paid

Save More Time, Make More Money

Join over 100,000 businesses