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Custom Healthcare Management Systems

In today's highly advanced world, Information Technology has made a significant impact on all the prominent industries, especially healthcare. The improvements, quicker communication channels, and smooth adoption of medical devices have made IT widely accessible to the public. Since the past few years, the progress in IT has been staggering. However, rigid regulations, elevated costs of R&D, hurdles in drug pipeline, and non-seriousness to adapt the modern technological advancements represent a bleaker reality; healthcare institutions have not been able to take proper advantage of contemporary IT practices.

In the midst of such tough times, RP AXIS took charge and was committed to revolutionize the industry. Hence, the brand came up with highly-advanced healthcare practice management solutions. The objective behind their multipronged approach focused on two areas:

  • Generate a quality solution while keeping in mind the budget constraints of the market.
  • Address the general issues and roadblock issues that curtailed efficiency in the healthcare industry around the entire world.

While re-inventing the wheel, RP AXIS collaborated with major global healthcare services providers and enabled them to utilize the best hallmarks of IT. Along the journey, the brand boasted of a strong record: state-of-the-art solutions were deployed at the footsteps of international clinics and hospitals. Some of these powerful systems include:

    1. Healthcare Management Systems (HMS)
    2. Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
    3. Picture Archive & Communication Systems (PACS)
    4. Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE)
    5. Patient Care Management System (PCMS)
    6. Content Management System (CMS)
    7. Electronics Materials Management (EMM)
    8. Electronic Health Record(EHR)
    9. Document Management System (DMS)
    10. Laboratory Information Systems
    1. Radiology Information Systems
    2. Insurance Eligibility Verification
    3. Health Plan eConnect
    4. HR and Finance Systems
    5. Patient's Billing and Accounts Management System
    6. Patient Survey Systems
    7. Personnel and Time Tracking Systems
    8. Payment Posting and Denial Management
    9. QC/QA Systems
    10. Appointment Scheduling and Management Systems

RP AXIS is a breath of fresh air as it offers information about compliance, practical prowess, and a multifaceted grasp at an extensive range of IT technologies. Because of this, their clients have been able to enhance the efficiency and profitability. Most importantly, all of this is triggering a rapid boost in revenues. Clients have been facilitated to improve their deliverables, make rational decisions, examine their output, and reform their processes-all thanks to RP AXIS' integrated tools.

The brand has been earmarked by entities in the healthcare industry like pharmaceutical corporations, medical, and life sciences because it provides customized solutions that make it easy to adhere to industry regulations, respond effectively to patient expiry, minimize expenses through cost-effective features, and protect their patients.

Custom Healthcare Management Systems

Custom Hhealthcare Management Systems