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RP AXIS develops e-Commerce websites to increase online sales by constantly improving on functionality and enhancing user experience. We are a favorite among old school entrepreneurs looking to take their business on the web and increase online sales right away.

Since 2002 RP AXIS has been in the eBusiness arena.

Our eCommerce development center can develop a complete tailor made website for your existing business or develop a new application with any and all options that you wish to include. The application can be developed with a complete and secure payment solution to help your customers who buy your products or services to pay instantly.

Below is a list of some of features that your online shop should offer.

  • Complete dynamic catalog of products.
  • Search for products to locate and filter products easily.
  • Product categorization or classification (Multiple levels).
  • Product promotion with product of the day, related & top selling.
  • Both thumbnail and full image display of products.
  • Sale price and discounted price display.
  • Complete product details/ description.
  • Display "What's new?" "What's hot?" items.
  • Recommended products.
  • Customer login, my account and wish list.
  • Up selling and cross selling products.
  • Customer registration and Login areas.
  • Customer comments and ratings on any products.
  • Shopping cart/basket, view cart, delete from cart.
  • Shipping options with online shipping/postage calculation.
  • Integration with stock - Product availability status display.
  • Merchant A/C setup, Autorize.net and Stripe.com integration.
  • Real time payment gateway with Verisign or Authorizenet.
  • Credit card processing.
  • Re-occuring billing.
  • Discount coupons.
  • Admin functions with custom CMS to manage your website.
  • Admin section to view sales, inventory, tax and other reports.
  • SMS order Alerts, SMA Information Alerts, SMS Sales alerts etc.
  • Mailchimp integration remarketing.

The items above will cover almost all standard functions. If you have any specific needs or models we can custom evelop those for you.

Why choose RP AXIS to build your eCommerce website?

As a business owner, you know what you need to run your business. You have processes in place that need website features to enhance your online business presence. In order to increase sales we develop & design around the functionality and features your eCommerce website needs.

Content Management - Manage your inventory
We help our clients optimize inventory by showcasing products the right way. We give your vendors and customers an easy way to access products they need. No matter the industry, our team has the eCommerce website development knowledge to increase your products online sales.

Coupons & Discounts - Everyone loves a sale
Easy to use tools to create custom discount codes, whether its a timed percentage sale or limited time product sale discounts

We make sure the structure of the site is optimized with the compliance & standards of the search engines in mind. This means we fix all the technical issues with the website once your content is loaded. Common problems today include
Site Speed
If your site is fast, the lower the bounce rate almost guarantees a better ranking on the search engines.
Low Text-to-HTML Ratio
We clean up the content and make sure there is no junk code to disrupt the search bots from crawling your site.
Broken Links
Large sites usually have a lot of outbound links - We check for broken links, because too many throw the search bots into a tissy and divert them away.
Duplicate Content Checks
We clean up content so duplicate content does not exist. Search engines do penalize of copied content exists and this negatively impacts rankings.
Missing Alt Tags and Broken Images
Checking for broken image links AND descriptions to your images. Alt tags are attributes/descriptions to your images and help the search bots understand the page content better.
Title Tags
We check for duplicate, long or missing title tags in a website and optimize these to website standards
Optimize URLS
We make sure the targeted keyword is in the url component
XML Sitemaps
The sitemap tells the search engines about your website. A poorly configured one, will do more damage then good. We ensure this step is done correctly.

Our search tools are designed for your customers to search your website with ease. The search includes crawlers to check for new content. This ensures maintenance free aspect to ensure content changes automatically.

Cross Channel Marketplace Integration
We make sure you have the option to sell your products on Amazon, Walmart, JET, eBay, ZORO, Home Depot, & Staples.

eCommerce Analytics & Reporting Solutions
We provide detailed reports from all aspects of your website in real time - Sales reports, tax reports, customer behavior, product insights & referral data are just some of the metrics are systems provide. We can provide any snapshot your business requires to increase orders and conversions.

Email Marketing Integration
We build systems that automates emails to your customers with a specific purpose. Whether it is a suggestion, items coming up for sale or an informative piece about company news, we integrate tools into your system admin to automate transactional and marketing emails.

Shopping Cart & Retail POS
The systems we build manages both your website and retail sales together. The advantage is that your inventory levels and sales reports are always in balance.

Custom Dashboard & eCommerce Insights
Not sure what your staff needs access to? Refund requests, unpaid orders, contact requests, projected sales graphs, fulfillment - we build custom dashboards based on the immediate needs of your staff.

Multiple Payment, Shipping & Accounting Options
Picking a good eCommerce web development team to build your online store should be based on the developers experience. Too many website design & eCommerce development companies over promise and under deliver on integrating with payment processors, shipping providers and accounting software. Third party tools are essential to any online store success. Having your website seamlessly talk to payment processors like Authorize dot net, Stripe connect, Paypal, and Google checkout is something we assume for our clients. Working with shipping providers like USPS, FedEx, & UPS is also something we assume. These days most of our clients use either Quickboks or Sage to manage bookeeping - our websites seamlessly integrate with these vendors as well.

Our Guarantee: Excellent eCommerce Website Development
RP AXIS will bring a level of professionalism to your eCommerce store that will produce results online. Your customers will get what they want and your staff will be organized in a way to make the fulfillment process easy to manage. Maintenance is always kept to minimum unless there are additions. Our focus will always be at enhancing sales and productivity for our clients. RP AXIS has been developing eCommerce websites since 2002 with a proven track record of profitable online stores.


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