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Custom PHP Software Development

Backend Programming Services | April 24th, 2018 | Custom PHP Development

The benefits and arguments for using custom PHP development as a part of your website are as strong as they are numerous. Many people who are enlisting a web design company or agency don’t realize the extent to which custom PHP development can be used to make their website successful. Because of this, they lose out on an an extraordinarily advantageous service.

Here’s an overview of why custom PHP development is so useful and why our Long Island web development company offers it. Let’s jump right in!

Open Source

The first benefit of custom PHP development is that PHP is open source. This means that it has a great deal of support, knowledge, and documentation from its various online communities.

Other Long Island web design companies might use proprietary systems, which tend to have less community engagement and therefore can be more difficult and frustrating to solve problems with. For example, you might end up having to talk to a buy customer support line while maintaining your website instead of a quick and easy web search.


Simplicity is another strong benefit of custom PHP development. PHP is rooted in C and C++ programming development. These are two of the oldest, most popular, and widely known programming languages ever.

This means that, overall, it’s going to be far simpler and easier for new web developers to learn and master PHP than it would be in other web scripting languages that might be based on lesser known code.


Since PHP is frequently used in conjunction with MYSQL, another huge plus with custom PHP development is automation. The two tools are very popular and thus can be interfaced with each other extremely effectively. As a result, custom PHP development can give you a highly automated backend system for your website!

Automation is, in fact, one of the biggest factors a good web design agency should have in mind when utilizing custom PHP development.

Cross-Platform Capabilities

The cross-platform capabilities of custom PHP development are enormous. Not only can PHP be run on both Windows and UNIX servers, but PHP can also be combined with a great number of other services. For example, it can be used with a long list of relational database management systems, can run on the majority of popular web servers, and it’s possible to use it on many different operating systems.


PHP is a dynamic language, which is a huge advantage of custom PHP development. Working on combination with HTML, PHP displays dynamic elements on any given web page that utilizes it. When it cannot process something, it outputs it directly instead of attempting to parse it and potentially crashing the website.

Cost Effective

Finally, as a result of a number of factors including its open source nature and multiple developers, custom PHP development is very cost effective. Compared to other options, you can save a great deal of money by using custom PHP development for equivalent or, in many cases, superior features. This makes custom PHP development a great choice for those concerned about price tags, which most businesses are.