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CakePHP development

Backend Programming Services | April 24th, 2018 | CakePHP framework

Over the years, Cake PHP framework has already done a fantastic job of establishing itself as one of the most solid and quality PHP frameworks. That said, many people who want to build a website don’t even consider Cake PHP for their development because they don’t know or understand its enormous benefits! Our Long Island web development company, on the other hand, offers Cake PHP as a service because we understand how useful it is.

Here are just some of its enormous benefits!


This is one of the first benefits of Cake PHP that many people notice. Cake PHP uses the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. In a nutshell, this means that Cake PHP helps you save queries to the website’s database using the MVC system.

If you’re looking to change your website’s database, Cake PHP will allow you insert, delete, and alter data within it. Our web design agency understands the importance of this functionality for many people looking to make and maintain a website.

Ease of Use

Another large advantage of Cake PHP is its ease of use. Most developers are able to learn and use this framework with great ease and very little time or difficulties. This also applies to price and availability, as Cake PHP is licensed under the MIT agreement, which allows it to be accessed and used with no barriers in price or licensing.

In other words, you do not have to be an expert to learn how to use this framework!


The Cake PHP framework is extremely quick in processing. This means that it can be used to develop fast, large, and highly effective web developments in a downright amazing manner. If you’re looking for a framework that lets you construct quick, cool, and successful applications, it doesn’t get much better than Cake PHP!

Conventional yet Flexible

Cake PHP can be extremely flexible in its configuration and uses. At the same time, however, it keeps a close eye on best design practices and makes sure to do things that “just work” without trying to make them fancy or adding unnecessary features.

This combination of conventionality and flexibility is very appealing for many people who want to make a website that has cool, innovative features while also being stable and familiar.

If you want to make something new and original, but also close to home, then you’re in luck! Our web design company understand why this is so important to people and offers the Cake PHP framework as a service because of this.


Finally, Cake PHP is extremely secure. It has a number of built-in tools including input validation, SQL injection prevention, and CSRF protection. This combination of security features make Cake one of the best PHP frameworks for those who want a highly secure and protected website. After all, who wants to have their valuable website data broken into or otherwise tampered with?

This concern with security is one of the top reasons that our company offers Cake PHP development as a service to our clients.