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Web Design Services | RP AXIS | January 21st, 2018 | SEO Plans

SEO Terms and conditions:
  • No SEO specialist, can offer 100% guarantee of getting your website ranked #1 on any major search engine for your desired keywords. But we have a high degree of confidence that a top 10 or 20 ranking is attainable, if not top 5 or better, in one or more of the target search engine(s) with relevant keywords.
  • Ongoing search engine optimization is important. Search engines change their inclusion policy ranking algorithms and methods all the time, and unless we keep maintaining the site with necessary analysis, tuning and make necessary alterations accordingly, a highly ranked site is unlikely to hold that position for very long. Also we should always remember that our competitors are watching us, and promoting their site to overcome us in Positioning.
  • Search engines will rank websites with their own strategies, in a same search phrase or keywords, it's technically impossible to rank highly on all the major search engines at the same time. Our approach is to focus our efforts on only the most relevant search engines, and only the most important keywords, in relation to your website.
  • Each search engine has scheduled times to include submitted sites into their database, It could be in days, weeks, or even months. No SEO firm can speed up the process in any ethical way.
  • You may cancel your monthly SEO contract at any time, however no refunds can be issued for unused days in the current month.
  • We can help to make guaranteed inclusion with paid inclusion schemes. Some search engines offer a onetime or yearly plans. Increasingly, search engines are moving towards paid-inclusion models. In other words, you have to pay to get in (sometimes a once-only fee, sometimes an annual fee). RP Axis can guide you to choose the paid inclusions.
  • For projects that require greater exposure and have bigger SEO-specific budgets, we tailor individual and more intensive SEO strategies.
  • We must have the necessary FTP access to your website server in order to optimize your website unless otherwise negotiated. Adjustments are nominal and rarely noticable and we will work as a team to maintain your original content.
  • Any of the following actions will void our guarantee:
    • Any website downtime of 5 days or more
    • If our optimization changes are removed, overwritten, or deleted.
    • You make substantial changes to your website without discussing these changes with us beforehand.
  • We will not accept projects involving pornography, hatespeech or any website that violates the law and we reserve our right to accept or decline any proposed optimization service.
  • We have no short cuts. Our SEO methods are straight forward and acceptable to search engines.
  • If your pages are light in text content (less than about 200 visible words per page), you will need to provide additional relevant content for the purpose of enhancing SEO ranking.