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Rae Parth

Choosing the Right Software for Drug Test Management

Drug tests are a vital aspect of monitoring employee health, safety, and compliance. A drug test administered to an employee can help to identify the consumption of illegal or unauthorized prescription drugs. However, testing the specimens of a large pool of employees and processing their results can be a time-consuming affair. That is why a software development company can help

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5 Reasons to Choose Custom Accounting Software

Accounting is an integral part of any business. It represents the processes of recording, summarizing, presenting and understanding the financial transactions associated with business operations. While this is a vital function to take care of, it can also be quite tedious. The time-consuming and monotonous nature of accounting work can take a toll on your business productivity. But there is

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Auction Website Hosting: RP AXIS!

The most worrying factor for online auctioneers is that their site keeps running during an auction. It is imperative for the brand. For this, companies need website hosting services that ensure that the auction site is up, running, consistent and safe. Every minute of an online auction is crucial, and there’s always the risk of outages. Since online auction is

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To find out how you can solve log-in problems, read on!

Log-in Problems and Their Solutions

Image Description: A person using a smartphone With the increase in the use of e-commerce, many consumers log in to different sites or apps daily. If you already have an account on a site, you’d log in automatically. However, if you’re doing it for the first time or something wrong happens, you’re faced with the ‘forget your password’ or ‘log-in

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To find out the different ways of simplifying credit card input on your website, read on!

Simplifying Credit Card Input for Online Payments

process of credit card data input can be a little daunting for many. Therefore, more and more companies are opting to simplify the process of credit card data input to give their users an optimal experience through automation. Consumers usually enter their card details on the e-commerce site form and click the submit button to finish the payment process. However,

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Auction Software A Single Solution by RP AXIS

Auction Software: A Single Solution by RP AXIS

RP Axis offers a complete online auction solution to manage your auction company in the most efficient way possible. Our services include website hosting, auction management software, custom software development and technical support. So, if you are planning to get customized auction software, RP Axis is the right choice! CONTACT US! Buying and selling items through online auction sites is

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Read on and find out why you should always go for custom software development!

Reasons Why You Should Go for Custom Software Development

Today businesses rely heavily on technology and are turning to CRM software which is a custom software solution. Businesses go for custom software development because it addresses a specific set of their needs and is customized according to that. In addition, considering the complexity of the different issues businesses are faced with, a standard ready-made software doesn’t seem to be

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To find out the real benefits CRM software brings to real estate agencies, read on!

Benefits of Real Estate CRM Software

Real Estate CRM software is an innovative and quality tool that enables you to gain performance, productivity and visibility as a real estate developer, builder, broker or real estate coach. This tool is for all real estate businesses to stand out in this fiercely competitive sector. This versatile, ergonomic and efficient software monitors listings in various areas, hunts for new

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To find out the industries that must be on mobile apps, read on!

Industries that must be on Mobile Apps

Businesses are in constant search of ways to elevate their brand and increase profit and nothing’s more profound than high-level mobile apps. Buying through mobile devices has become more than serious and is not just about designing responsive pages but apps with user-friendly interfaces for consumers. Let’s discuss industries that must be on mobile apps! Healthcare Industry The development of

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To find out how online auctions work, read on!

How Do Online Auctions Work?

Online auctions systems have become one of the most lucrative systems in eCommerce, with a significant increase in their use by businesses, companies and individuals to exchange goods through the Internet. Business to business (B2B), Business to Consumers (B2C) and Consumer to Consumer (C2C) systems have consolidated online auctions as a business model. So, if you’re a buyer or a

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